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Ginny Fahs
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By Sam Taylor and Ginny Fahs

If you want to to move into technology or launch your tech career in a new part of the world, the first step is getting smart. In this post you’ll find the top sources of technology news and information for each world region. We’ve selected for English-language publications only, and limited the list to four to six sources per region, soliciting recommendations from tech veterans worldwide.

You can search#newsletter #podcast #free #paid to narrow down publications you want to read. Direct links have been provided to newsletter signup forms and podcasts where available.

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Tech in Africa

  • Disrupt Africa — Covering all of Africa, Disrupt Africa focuses on entrepreneurship and startups across the region. It updates frequently and releases in depth features if you want to deep dive on a given area e.g. African Financial Services #free
  • AppsAfrica — Consultancy providing advisory services on tech companies and trends across the African continent. They run an annual awards dinner for promising startups in a range of sectors, alongside other events. #free
  • TechDotAfrica — Covers general tech news across the continent, more focused on established tech companies and their product launches than on startups and funding. #free
  • Outside of general publications, incubators like CoCreationHub (Nigeria)and Silicon Cape (South Africa) publish general news and highlight upcoming startups. #free

Tech in Asia


  • Technode — Chinese partner of TechCrunch with an additional focus on specific verticals (AI, blockchain, telecom, cybersecurity, mobility, and e-commerce), and a Chinese language edition. Also part of a larger ecosystem with events and venture capital divisions. There are podcasts and a variety of newsletters. #newsletter #podcast #free
  • Macro Polo — Macro Polo is a US-based organisation giving deep dive features into the issues dominating China Digital policy. The most useful element is a list and visualization of China digital companies and their relationships. Newsletter and podcast available. #newsletter #podcast #free
  • Pandaily — With a mixture of Tech, Culture, Sports, and Gaming, Pandaily has general coverage of what is going on in China Tech. Also good coverage of hardware/software product launches. Podcast available. #podcast #free
  • Pingwest — Silicon Valley-based Chinese company aiming to be a “global voice for the tech community”. Appears to be more focused on strategy and VC than Pandaily. A newsletter and separate Chinese language edition is available. #newsletter #free
  • TMTPost — Publication focusing on Tech but with an eclectic features section on topics ranging from gene editing scandals to China’s pet funeral business. #free

East & Southeast Asia

  • Tech in Asia — The equivalent of TechCrunch for Asia that went through YC in 2015. They maintain a list of companies, major events in Asian Tech, and a regularly updated jobs list. They have a newsletter and a podcast. #newsletter #podcast #free
  • KrAsia — English language offshoot of 36Kr, a Chinese language Tech publication focused specifically on SEA. They have feature sections on individual startups, venture capital, and women in tech. A newsletter is available. #newsletter #free
  • Tech Collective — Technology trend publication focusing on “the why and how” in SEA. They run a “5 Questions” section where 5 questions are posed to a variety of founders, asking them to explain their company and the current state of the SEA tech scene. #free
  • The Low Down — A blog run by Momentum Works, a firm which builds, scales and manages tech ventures across the emerging world. They have a particular focus on SEA but have sections on the rest of Asia, LatAm, and the Middle East. Newsletter available. #newsletter #free


  • The Ken — The brainchild of computer scientist and MBA Rohin Dharmakumar, this digital magazine publishes one original narrative story per week focused on Indian tech and startups. Over time The Ken has built quite the archive of quality, well-researched stories. Though the paywall is steep ($108/year), some free articles are available. #paid
  • YourStory — Focused on India’s entrepreneurial ecosystem, YourStory has told more than 20,000 stories of entrepreneurs and is available in 12 Indian languages, as well as in English. They also publish funding analyses, resources for entrepreneurs, and trend pieces. Though insiders say the quality is slipping, it’s still an important hub for startup news on the subcontinent. #free
  • Inc42 — A venture-backed digital media startup based in Delhi specializing in news ( and events (Pulse42, StartupPulse). To deliver on their mission of helping entrepreneurs tell the word about their work, Inc42 engages in news and feature reporting, as well as case studies and deep dives into Indian startups. #free
  • Economic Times, Tech — A more traditional business news source, whose tech section reliably covers the major tech companies, hardware advancements, and government technology policy affecting India. #free

Tech in Europe

  • FT & Sifted — An offshoot of the Financial Times dedicated to European technology, diving deep in the UK, Germany, France, and Poland geographically,; and in Fintech, mobility, VC, and Deeptech in sector. Newsletter version also available .#newsletter #free
  • Tech EU — 2013 media startup staffed by journalists from TechCrunch and ex big tech employees. They cover trends in tech via frequent profiles and interviews with industry personalities. There is a newsletter and a podcast, too. #newsletter #podcast #free
  • Tech Crunch Europe — The European section of one of the major tech sites. See the North American breakdown to get information on podcasts and newsletters.
  • For German speakers try Heise and for French speakers try Les Echos #free

Tech in North America

  • TechCrunch — One of the major tech publications in the world covering everything from startups, to FAANG, to traditional businesses entering the tech world. Probably the best starting point for a day-to-day view on tech news. #newsletter #podcast #USA #free
  • Vox Media’s The Verge and Recode — Vox has two publications focusing on tech. The Verge is similar to TechCrunch while Recode offers more critical coverage on tech and society. The Verge has many podcasts and newsletters, and Recode has several podcasts as well. #newsletter #podcast #free
  • Hacker News — Open news forum by Y-Combinator, organized by upvotes. Technically any article can be posted, but as most readers are engineers, tech stories float to the top. #forum #free
  • Stratechery — Email newsletter offering the best analysis of tech strategy. It’s sent 4 days a week; the first three days require a subscription ($120/year) and the fourth day is free free. Newcomers are advised to read the concepts page. The accompanying podcast Exponents is recommended. #podcast #strategy #newsletter #paid
  • Product Hunt — Product Hunt’s forum allows voting on the best new products launched by entrepreneurs.They also offer a “Product of the Day” newsletter and a weekly podcast. If you launch a product make sure to promote it here! #forum #newsletter #podcast #free
  • For Canada, BetaKit focuses on startups and Globe and Mail for general Technology market information.

Tech in Mexico & South America

  • Contxto — The prime website for Latin American tech and startup news, written in both English and Spanish and covering Mexico, Brazil, Colombia, Argentina, Chile and all other Latin American countries. Podcast and newsletter available. #newsletter #podcast
  • LATAM.Tech — Managed by a VC in Colombia, this relatively new online magazine brings stories from the Latin American startup scene to English readership. Focus is on up-and-coming startups, investments, e-commerce, and FinTech.
  • LatAm List — Short-form articles to help English speakers stay up-to-date on acquisitions, investments, and launches in Latin America.
  • For Portuguese speakers interested in Brazilian tech specifically, try TecMundo, Olhar Digital, and CanalTech.

Tech in the Middle East

  • Wamda — A major platform aimed at accelerating MENA’s entrepreneurship ecosystems. While they have many legs like community development, research, corporate, and government advisory services, media is its special sauce. All news is tagged and searchable by country; some pieces are region-wide. #free
  • FT Tech — Though international in its coverage, FT has more thorough coverage of tech in the Middle East than most peer publications. #free
  • Al Jazeera — Al Jazeera’s Science & Technology section has global tech coverage including news on the major American tech brands, shedding light on how an illustrious Middle Eastern press group considers the broader industry. Don’t miss the great Opinion section spotlighting perspectives from the Global South.#free
  • For Israel: Start Up Nation Finder lists all startups in Israel and the investors driving them; CTech by Calcalist, Haaretz, their business site TheMarker, and Geektime offer tech and startup news.#free

Tech in Oceania

  • Australian Financial Review — The Technology section is robust with news spanning big tech, telecommunications, innovation, and funding. It also includes a well-regarded Opinion section focused on tech-specifically, and product reviews of gadgets and hardware.#free
  • Startup Daily — Tech and startup articles from across Australia and New Zealand, with a focus on news, founder profiles, and op-eds. Startup Daily also creates its own podcasts and TV series. Note that sponsored content is part of their business model, so some companies get covered disproportionately. #podcast
  • Startup Smart — Catered towards Australian entrepreneurs and business owners, Startup Smart publishes news, trend pieces, information and resources. They have an advice section with words of wisdom from well-regarded founders and a series of “how to” type articles from their content partners.#free
  • NZ Tech Startups Eco-System Facebook Group — An active online hub for the NZ startup ecosystem. Members post asks, offers, events, job postings and tips .#free

Thank you to Sonia Adda, Matthew Chan, Arthur Chiba, Tingting Guo, Abhinandan Jain, Hugh Krantz, Nick Lall, Yun Fang Lee, Berenice Penot, Piyush Poddar, Zahi Renno, Tammo Rukat, Meet Shah, Daniel Torban, Alex Shmulovich, and Barr Yaron who recommended sources for this collection.



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